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"Start your day with Happiness and gratitude"

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About Me

I am always passionate about my work. I care about even the little details and believe in perfection. I like to explore and learn more about new things. I like to play and sing I love to travel a lot, explore new places, learn about different cultures, and of course try different cuisines.

I grew up in India, I finished my schooling and college over there. I moved here 15 years back. Currently, I am residing in the South Bay and call it my home.

Educational background:

I completed my Masters in Accountancy and recently completed an Associate Arts degree in Child Development.

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 I always get the feeling, if I go out and explore nature, walk in the woods I get the feeling "I am at Home". I would like to travel to new places and explore a lot. I do like to take photographs, exploring nature always refreshes me a lot.

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I like to play the Veena, one of the ancient string instruments. It helps me relax and also focus.

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